<h2>PAVLOS PATRIKAKOS</h2><p>Marbles - Githio Lakonia</p> <h2>PAVLOS PATRIKAKOS </h2><p>Marbles - Githio Lakonia</p> <h2>PAVLOS PATRIKAKOS </h2><p>Marbles - Githio Lakonia</p>
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Marbles | Fireplaces | Monuments | Marble Trading | Marble Constructions

In PATRIKAKOS company you will find a wide variety of colors, designs and dimensions in marbles used either indoors or outdoors. The applications are varied and the constructions are fully adapted to the needs and requirements of each space.

We undertake fireplace and floor coatings, kitchen countertops, stairs, monument constructions, as well as elaborate constructions in the kitchen, the stairs, the bathroom, the fireplace or the yard of your home.

We process volumes and plates of marble in every desired form and we undertake orders in Laconia, the Peloponnese and all over Greece.





Contact us for further information or visit us at the Chosiari, Githio, Lakonia.