<h2>PAVLOS PATRIKAKOS</h2><p>Marbles - Githio Lakonia</p> <h2>PAVLOS PATRIKAKOS </h2><p>Marbles - Githio Lakonia</p> <h2>PAVLOS PATRIKAKOS </h2><p>Marbles - Githio Lakonia</p>
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PATRIKAKOS company is active in the field of ​​marble, located in Githio, Lakonia. Through continuous study, the required expertise, the highly specialized personnel and the modern technological equipment, we produce high quality products, from the cutting stage to the polishing stage.

We always take into account your needs and offer you our products and constructions consistently with the most competitive market prices. We change the look of your space by giving it functionality and high aesthetics through the processing and application of marble in various spaces. Through our experience and activity in the field of marble, we can cope with every need of the individual, the architect and the manufacturer.





Contact us for further information or visit us at the Chosiari, Githio, Lakonia.